Wednesday, 29 October 2014

SmartBoard Workshop

On Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a SmartBoard training workshop at Brock University's Hamilton Campus. We were taught the basics of the SmartBoard program SmartNotebook, as well as how to use a SmartBoard. We all downloaded the SmartNotebook program on our laptops so that we could follow along with the instructor, exploring the many tools associated with a SmartBoard. I selected this Professional Development workshop to attend because I think it is a crucial skill necessary in a classroom. If a teacher has the technology in her classroom, why not make use of it? My associate teacher has a SmartBoard and I have seen how she has utilized it for the benefit of her students. I see the benefit of students interacting with their lesson, and therefore thought it was important I receive such training. I already hinted towards it, but I will definitely use SmartBoard technology in my classroom if I am privileged with it in my room. I see such a benefit to it, and am not afraid to try something new and be creative. Students love getting to participate in the lesson or demonstrate what they know, and a SmartBoard provides them with that opportunity. In my classroom, I will use the SmartBoard as often as I can. Through this workshop, I discovered the extended amount of opportunity that is available with this program and I am excited to explore it further and implement it for many years to come.

Here is a picture of my SmartBoard instructor Kyle, my friend Katie, and I at the SmartBoard training workshop on Saturday!

Hunter, L. (2014). Smartboard Training [Online Image.

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